Body Treatments

//Body Treatments

All of our body wraps include a soothing steam shower to open your pores and prepare your skin for maximum absorption of our all natural ingredients. Our fabulous treatments will leave your body radiant and glowing.

Signature Moor Mud Muscle Wrap

This aromatic mud wrap relieves aches and pains, while toning and rejuvenating your body.
60 Minutes                   $85.        
Add 30 Minute Body Exfoliation         $35.


Mango-Passion Fruit Yogurt Wrap

Enjoy the de-aging effects of this tropical wrap. Firms, repairs and evens skin tone, leaving you feeling and smelling great.
60 Minutes                  $85.        
Add 30 Minute Body Exfoliation         $35.


Anti-Cellulite Detox Body Wrap

Hydrate your skin while eliminating toxins. Also decreases the appearance of cellulite while improving your body’s contour and skin tone.
60 Minutes                  $95.        
Add 30 Minute Body Exfoliation         $35.


Tropical Saltmousse Exfoliating glow

Leaves your skin soft and silky, eliminates dead skin cells and impurities. Finishes with our de-aging body balm to leave your skin feeling younger than ever.
45 Minutes                  $75.       


Cleansing Back Facial

Prevents pore clogging and acne breakouts.
60 Minutes                  $85.